I was born in 1972 and grew up in Girvan, Ayrshire where I was exceptionally lucky in having the artist James Harrigan as my mentor and Art teacher at secondary school. Jim strongly encouraged me to consider art as a career, and it's thanks to him that I developed my passion for art.


I studied painting at Gray's School of Art. During the following year I lived in Cyprus, where I completed a Post Graduate Diploma in painting at the Cyprus College of Art in Lemba. I returned to Gray's School of Art in 1996-97 to do a Masters Degree.


As a result of winning the Peacock Visual Arts Edition Prize at the Aberdeen Artists Society, I was very privileged to work alongside the late Jonathan Jones at Peacock Visual Arts. Jonathan was a huge support at that time and his work still inspires me to this day.


I moved abroad to teach in the Middle East, living in both Cairo and Dubai. I particularly wanted to visit Egypt because of the ethnic style and appearance of my work. Previous to this I was often asked if I had travelled to or lived in Egypt or Africa. I felt at that time for my paintings to progress in style that I really needed to visit these locations.


I returned to Scotland and I've had a studio with WASPS since 2016 in Edinburgh. From that time I have been experimenting with creating characters who have a more realistic appearance in direct contrast to the abstracted backgrounds arranged behind them. My main aim is to create works which are emotive with a strong sense of narrative.


Group Exhibitions

2020      PAI 132st Annual Exhibition, Paisley

2019       PAI 131st Annual Exhibition, Paisley

2018       RSA Open Exhibition of Art, Edinburgh

2017       Edinburgh Antiques & Crafts Fair, WASPS group exhibition, Edinburgh

2005      The Riverside Gallery, WASPS group exhibition, Stonehaven

2005      Aberdeen Artists Society, Aberdeen

2004      Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen

2004      Pride of Peacocks, G.H.A.T Exhibition, Aberdeen

2004      Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen

2004      Tolquhon Gallery, Tarves, Aberdeenshire

2004      Glasgow Art Fair, Glasgow

2004      Aberdeen Artists Society, Aberdeen

2003      The Riverside Gallery, Stonehaven

2003      Peacock Visual Arts,  Aberdeen

2003      Johnstone House, Aberdeen

2003      The Queen’s Road Gallery, Aberdeen

2003      Aberdeen Artists Society, Aberdeen

2002      Limousine Bull Xmas Exhibition, Aberdeen

2002      The Strathearn Gallery, Crieff, Perthshire

2002      The Queen’s Road Gallery, Aberdeen

2002      The Lost Gallery, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire

2002      The Bridge View Gallery, Aberdeen

1998       Welsteads, Stirling

1998       Aberdeen Artists Society, Aberdeen

1998       Welsteads, Stirling

1997       Welsteads, Stirling

1996       Welsteads, Stirling

1996       Welsteads, Stirling

1996       Piccolo Gallery, Nairn

1996       Rouken Glen Gallery, Glasgow

1996       Save the Children’s Exhibition, County Buildings, Ayr

1995       Welsteads, Stirling

1995       Scottish Artist’s and Artist’s Craftsmen, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

1995       Society of Scottish Artists, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

1995       RGI Exhibition, Glasgow

1995       Wild Boar Exhibition, Aberdeen

1995       Gloria Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus

1995       Kyklos Gallery, Paphos, Cyprus

1994       Cyprus College of Art, Cyprus

1994       Welsteads, Stirling

1994       Rouken Glen Gallery, Glasgow

1994       Society of Scottish Artists, RSA, Edinburgh

1994       Graduate Exhibition, Compass Gallery, Glasgow

1994       Aberdeen Artists Exhibition, Aberdeen

1994       Student Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

1991       Woodgroup Exhibition, Aberdeen

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                          2004     Peacock Visual Arts Edition Prize, Aberdeen Artists Society

                                         Created Cover Design for Aberdeen Artists Society Exhibition Catalogue 

                          1994      Whyte & Mackay, Society of Scottish Artists, Royal Scottish Academy

                          1994      The Steele-Cornwall Scholarship, Grays School of Art

                          1994      Grampian Trust Award, Society of Scottish Artists, Royal Scottish Academy

                          1993      Purchase Prize, PricewaterHouseCoopers, Aberdeen